Web-based diagnostic and predictive platform

The diagnostic platform is web-based and integrates primary healthcare and commercial diagnostic and service facilities. The local surgical and medical center obtains biopsies considering the requirements of the molecular analysis, the heterogeneity of tumors, and the evolution of tumors during progression. The processing of the tissue samples, sequencing, calculation of genetic- epigenetic and transcriptional profiles is done by specialized commercial service centers, independent of geographical location. Cloud computing analysis of high throughput next generation sequencing raw data is done by other specialized service centers providing a ranking of pathway activation strength and prediction of potentially active drugs. The treating neurooncologist assisted by a specialized service structure (Onco-Service) analyses the predictive parameters and scores on a “one-server”-basis and matches potential candidate drugs to the individual risk profile of the individual patient.  

This allows neurooncologists worldwide and outside academic centers access to stat-of-the-art personalized design of therapies independent of local availability of diagnostic facilities. Because of the rapid progress of technological innovation, the short “half-life” of expensive hardware, these diagnostic facilities are more efficient in the commercial sector.

OmicsGlioma - personalized therapy for brain tumos

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