Within the European TransBio Program we have demonstrated that a combination of Next Generation Sequencing, bioinformatic transcriptome analysis and a specialized bioinformatic platform Omics4D-Finder may provide a comparative gene expression profile analysis of multi-sampled biopsies from primary glioblastoma and recurrent glioblastoma and a predictive drug score within 2-4 weeks. This information may be used for individualized therapy of recurrent glioblastomas.

Based on the integral activation strength of pathways a computer simulation identifies molecular targets and entry points for cancer therapy approved agents. Known mechanisms of action of >250 drugs are used for a prediction of effective interference with the dominating pathways in primary and recurrent tumors, different tumor samples and the stem cell fraction. The calculated probability of most efficient “fit to the 4D spectrum of pathway activation” is expressed as a drug score, which is used to rank different compounds.

For clinical neurooncology it is important to understand that “neurooncologists” today are most likely familiar with only a small fraction of the drug candidates analyzed by the bioinformatics platform. Individualized therapy relies on a large number of compounds known from all fields of cancer treatment, way beyond the spectrum familiar to neurooncologists. Therefore, specialized services and boards are needed to interpret drug scores and adapt those to individual risk profiles of patients.

  Individualized tumor therapy - personalized medicine 

Cloud-computing 4D analysis of pathway activation strength in recurrent glioblastoma

Omics4D-Finder analysis of gene- and pathway activation and scoring of potential molecular targets for drug therapy

OmicsGlioma - personalized therapy for brain tumos

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