OmicsGlioma - personalized therapy for brain tumos

Genome wide 4D Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatic analysis for personalized medicine of recurrent glioblastomas

Glioblastoma is the most common brain tumor in adults. A highly complex biology limits the effectiveness of current treatment options and today makes glioblastoma a major challenge among human cancers.

Despite modern radiation-chemotherapy glioblastoma remains an almost inevitably lethal cancer with 5 Year survival rates under 10%. Over the past decades the median survival has not been significantly improved and remains less than 15 months.

For the first time now Next Generation Sequencing, bioinformatic transcriptome analysis and a specialized bioinformatic 4D analysis platform for genome-wide profiling of gene expression, provide molecular pathway and signaling cascade analyses for individualized / personalized therapy of malignant brain tumors.

OmicsGlioma investigates and develops diagnostic platforms and predictive algorithms for personalized medicine in recurrent glioblastomas.

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